Intro to the Core Competencies (Free)

Leadership Training Series

Intro to the Core Competencies

WHAT? ECO exists in order to build flourishing churches who make disciples of Jesus. In order to fulfill our vision we must develop lay leaders within our churches who are skilled in our 10 Core Competencies. This officer/leader training offers 10 video-taught classes by experts in each of the competencies with opportunities for discussions, discernment, and action after each lecture.

WHO? This course is for officers, lay leaders, staff & potential leaders in the church. 

WHY? This course is designed for church leaders to learn to be more effective in their roles or trained for a role they have yet to step into.

HOW? This course can be done by an individual at home, they can be used to prepare people for leadership, and they can be discussed as a whole session or done in small groups.

There is no cost for this course! Click below to enroll.

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