About Flourishing Leaders

Flourishing Leaders

Flourishing Leaders is a journey to embark on with your fellow church leaders (elders, lay leaders, committees, staff) to facilitate your Spirit-led transformation as a leader, and reveal more effective ways to lead a flourishing church together. This resource is designed to be more than just informational, but can help you recalibrate your leadership teams, centered on being connected with Christ as you make decisions as spiritual leaders. We have individual growth exercises, communal experiences, and practical teaching grounded in theology to help your leadership team understand how God wants you to lead.

In ECO we believe that our primary call as church leaders is to abide in the Lord’s presence and invite others to join us there, which forms the foundation of a flourishing church.

Over the entire  Flourishing Leaders course (Parts A, B and C), you will ask and answer 3 main questions: 

Who am I? (Part A) What am I leading? (Part B) How do I lead effectively? (Part C)
  • Preparing for spiritual leadership
  • Biblical definitions of leadership
  • Jesus’ way of leading
  • Creating your Spiritual Autobiography
  • Your church culture
  • Mission of God
  • Building people not programs
  • Whole-life replication of Christ
  • Ministry inside and outside the church
  • Leading with Prayer & the Holy Spirit
  • Identifying God’s presence for discernment
  • Understanding our Post-Christendom culture
  • Committing to multiplication and replication of God’s mission

The Flourishing Leaders Course is designed for a church session and lay leaders of 9 - 12 people.

Your cost: $300 for each part (Part A = $300, Part B = $300 and Part C = $300). 

Each part of the course takes 4 months (Part A  = 4 months, Part B = 4 months, Part C = 4 months). 


For more information about Flourishing Leaders, please email info@flourishmovement.org.


 Download the flyer here.