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ECO Polity Course

This course will help pastors, candidates, and other potential officers understand the polity of ECO and how to apply it to their context.

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Flourishing Disciples

Flourishing Disciples equips congregational leaders to grow as disciples, disciple others, and establish a disciple-making culture in their church.

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Flourishing Leaders

Journey with your church leaders to facilitate your Spirit-led transformation as a leader, and reveal more effective ways to lead a flourishing church together.

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Theology for Church Leaders

Free e-course created by Rev. Dr. Mark Patterson, Ph.D lead/teaching pastor at Community Presbyterian Church in Ventura, CA and chair of the ECO Theology Task Force.

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Vision Frame Process

What if your church were crystal clear about where God was calling you in the next season of ministry? Imagine your leaders, your ministries, your worship, and your entire congregation working together to make God’s vision a reality. This virtual course/process includes videos, handouts, and individual coaching calls to help churches to get clarity on areas of mission, values, measures, strategy, and vision.

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