Succession Planning

The topic of Succession Planning has come to the forefront of leadership thought and conversation. Today’s churches realize the importance of stewarding a succession planning process that builds on their history, honors its aging leaders, and prepares for the future.

In seasons of transition most churches simply ask who the next pastor will be, and seek to pass the baton from one leader to another. However, in order for transition to be successful, a church must consider the overall health of the ecosystem in which this transition is occurring. ECO will have a high percentage of soon-to-be retirements in the years to come. In an effort to prepare for these changes, ECO is working to help equip our churches to prepare for these inevitable transitions and reduce the potentially negative impacts upon the churches. This process is based on Barna research and helps churches to implement fundamental principles and strategies that make transitions successful.

Succession Planning Overview

By Dana Allin

Succession Planning Flyer