Onboard Coaching

Onboard Coaching For Pastors

A commonly overlooked step of onboarding a solo or senior pastor is helping them start their position well. Michael Watkins, a professor at Harvard Business School, has done extensive research on the importance of a leader's first 90 days in a new position. The successes or failures experienced in the first 90 days will have a defining impact on the tenure of a leader. Because of this, we have provided coaching options for churches during the onboarding process of their new pastor. Our hope is to ignite a successful start to the ministry relationship.

The following coaching elements are included in the process:

  • There is a coaching session with the pastor prior to the weekend they candidate for the position. While these candidate weekends are usually formalities in the terms of the official process they are a vital part of setting the tone for the new relationship. Therefore, the coach prepares the candidate to capitalize on the candidate's weekend.
  • After the weekend the pastor is elected, before the pastor arrives, the coach hosts a two hour meeting with the elders and the pastor. The purpose of this time is to set the agenda for the first 90 days of ministry. This is when expectations are defined so that early and important wins can be secured.
  • The coach then has another coaching session with the pastor prior to their arrival at the church and one session every two weeks to help the pastor continue to navigate this important season.


  • Pastor is selected by the Pastor Nominating Committee 
  • Coaching session is conducted so the pastor nominee can maximize during the candidating weekend
  • Pastor officially candidates for the position/Prepares for candidating Weekend Coaching session is conducted so the pastor elect can maximize during the candidating weekend
  • Pastor hosts coaching session to develop detailed strategy for the first 90 days
  • Pastor arrives and begins new position
  • 6 Coaching sessions (meet every two weeks) to execute the first 90 day plan and navigate challenges



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