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Vision Frame Process

Vision Frame Process

What if your church were crystal clear about where God was calling you in the next season of ministry? Imagine your leaders, your ministries, your worship, and your entire congregation working together to make God’s vision a reality. What kind of dramatic good will your congregation do on the soil God’s given you and your leaders?

ECO has gone through Auxano’s Vision Framing Process as a denomination and has been trained to facilitate this process within our congregations. Through a process of videos, handouts, and individual coaching calls, ECO can facilitate the process for churches to get clarity on the following questions that involve mission, values, measures, strategy, and vision.

This virtual process includes:

  • 7 videos and supplemental training materials to use among the leadership of the church to help with the necessary structure and steps of the Vision Frame process.
  • 8 calls between the pastor and the navigator in-between your implementation sessions and homework.
  • Support from your trained navigator to implement the outcomes of the process as your build and maintain ways to live out this new found clarity.

Duration: 7 Months

Participants: 6-12  Elders, Staff , and Lay Leaders (when possible)

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