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Polity of ECO

Polity of ECO

The goal of this course is to give pastors, church leaders, and students a practical and working knowledge of the polity of ECO. We will present the polity in the larger context of the ethos and culture that ECO has been founded upon and seeks to enhance.

This course is a self-paced audit-based course. Normally, through the Gordon-Conwell/Flourish semester, this course covers 1 lesson/week but since this is the audited version, you can work on this course at your own pace. In addition, there are optional course assignments. Please note that the assignments are posted at the end of each lesson are to provide you with a way to challenge yourself and grow. These assignments are optional and do not need to be turned in. Feel free to pick and choose from these optional assignments as an extra way to immerse yourself in the course. 

In addition to this audit version of the Polity course, we offer a seminary-level course on ECO Polity though Gordon-Conwell each spring that students can take for denominational or seminary credit. If you are interest in learning more, click here. 

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