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Church Governance Resource

Church Governance Resource

Authority, Responsibility & Accountability

If you have found your way to this resource, you are looking into the Kaiser/Carver or Policy Model of church governance. You might have been instructed to move in this direction through a church transformation process. You might have heard about this offer from someone in ECO and are just curious. Or you might know that this model is right for this time in the ministry of your church. Whatever the reason, we are glad you are here!

We at the ECO Synod Office and Synod Executive Council have used this model of governance since we were established in 2012 and we stand behind it fully. You might have questions as to whether it will work for you, and that is perfectly normal. We come from a Presbyterian history that has looked at this model of governance with mixed emotions. What we want to convey to you is that it IS Presbyterian and it can work effectively for your church if employed properly.

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