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Becoming A Flourishing Church

Becoming A Flourishing Church
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Churches often want to focus on what they need to do to become vibrant congregations, yet neglect both the overall vitality of the congregation and the personal discipleship of their leaders. The premise of the Flourish resource materials is that flourishing churches are led by flourishing leaders who are flourishing disciples.

Becoming a Flourishing Church focuses on both discipleship and diagnosis. It helps session members and other church leaders focus on their individual growth as disciples. An ECO-appointed coach and a church health assessment will help leadership teams uncover how God is calling them to grow and move forward in ministry.

The course is free for all churches. If your church is an ECO Church, the cost of your ECO-appointed liaison is free as well.  

The BAFC material is designed for current elders, however, other groups within the church, such as deacons, staff, or ministry teams, could benefit greatly from engaging in the process.


Entire Course - Becoming A Flourishing Church (6 sessions) 

The 6 meetings can be held once a month, for a 6-month course, or you can move through the material more quickly by meeting every few weeks. This resource is meant to be utilized on an annual basis. After you complete the course initially, you will revisit this resource annually and complete the Health Checkup.

Annual Health Checkup - Becoming A Flourishing Church (3 sessions)

After you have completed the initial course, you can move on to the annual Becoming a Flourishing Church Health Checkup. The Becoming a Flourishing Church Health Checkup is intended for a church or session who has previously completed all six sessions of BAFC at least a year ago, but would like to do a health checkup to discern and diagnose how they are doing now. The Health Checkup also includes the Church Health Assessment. Your congregation will take this assessment which will uncover the church's health according to six overarching flourishing church competences and fourteen subordinate characteristics.

If you have questions, or need more information, please email info@flourishmovement.org.

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Session One – Introduction Session Two - Flourishing as a Disciple (Part I) Session Three - Flourishing as a Disciple (Part II) Session Four - Flourishing as a Leader Session Five - Flourishing as a Church Session Six - Next Steps to Flourishing