It is often difficult to discern where God wants us to grow as His followers. In the first year or two when a person knows Jesus there may be tremendous growth, but then comes a plateau. Multiple factors may contribute to this plateau, but one significant factor is that people often lack intentionality about how to pursue their own discipleship. The Discipleship 360° Assessment allows a disciple to explore the health of his or her discipleship, in areas of strength and where growth is needed to pursue a Gospel-saturated life. 


The Discipleship 360° Assessment allows an individual to explore his or her health in following Jesus, assessing vitality as a disciple through personal experience and the observations of close community, which can stimulate deeper conversations and personal accountability. The results allow the participant to develop a strategy for growth in the areas most needed for greater spiritual maturity.

The Discipleship 360° Assessment was developed in consultation with dozens of discipleship experts and a rigorous process to ensure statistical reliability and validity. The result is a tool that measures the relative health of a disciple in eight core qualities and twenty associated characteristics of discipleship. This survey was intended to evaluate Christians who have identified themselves as believers for more than a year.   

The assessment consists of seventy statements which disciples are asked to rate on a scale of “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree.” Statements are those like “The individual sacrificially serves others with his or her time” or “The individual spends regular time in prayer.” Participants complete the assessment, rating themselves, and invite three to five other people to take the assessment on their behalf. There is also space at the end for written comments from assessors.

Once one or more of your assessors have taken the assessment on your behalf, you can log in to your Flourish account to close the assessment and generate your report. Please Note: You must have at least one assessor complete the Discipleship 360° Assessment on your behalf in order to close and generate your report, but once the report is closed, you cannot open it again for other assessors. Make sure all your assessors have had a reasonable amount of time to complete the assessment before you generate your report.


The report shows a comparison between how the disciple assessed him/herself and the average of how the observers assessed him or her. The data is presented in relation to the eight core discipleship qualities.

In addition, the report isolates the characteristics and questions where there is the greatest difference between observed feedback and the understanding provided by the disciple.

If you are interested in bulk pricing for your team or your church:

Bulk pricing for the Discipleship 360 Assessment is as follows per group:
1 - 9 assesmesnts are $15.00 each, 10 - 24 assessments are $10.00 each, 25 - 49 assessments are $8.00 each, 50+ assessments are $5.00 each 

You can also purchase the book, Simple Discipleship, by Dana Allen in bulk for your team or your church. Each book comes with a FREE 360 Disciplship Assessment on the back cover of the book. This book is an incredible tool to better understanding how Chirstian discsiplship and creating a pathway forward to maturity.

If you are interested in either of these options, please email: for more information.

Click here to view a sample Disciplehsip 360 Assessement.