Church Health Assessment

About the Church Health Assessment:

The Church Health Assessment is a tool that congregations may use to uncover their health according to six overarching flourishing church competences and fourteen subordinate characteristics. These six competencies are based on the seminal work of Alan Hirsch in his book, The Forgotten Ways. In his book, Hirsch identifies the six aspects that were present in every exponential Christian movement throughout history. Our conviction is that churches should focus on increasing their health in each of these six areas, making congregations more likely to grow in quality and quantity of disciples, therefore becoming even more effective for the Kingdom of God.

To take the Church Health Assessment, congregations purchase a survey and are given a link to send to the members of their church (who ECO calls “covenant partners"). The covenant partners respond to 63 statements about their own discipleship journeys and the ministry of the church. These statements are rated on a scale from strongly agree (5) to strongly disagree (1). Upon completion of the assessment, the church will receive an individualized Church Health Assessment report that includes both the average score in each of the six areas surveyed and their subcategories, as well the distribution of responses for each question within their congregation which will assist them in creating a plan toward greater church health. Click here to see a sample report.

Ideally the results are unpacked with the help of a trained coach. By using the results of the finalized report and the work of a coach, the church is able to identify the area where church leaders should spend intentional focus to increase the health of their congregation and generate a plan of action. We hope you find this tool helpful as you seek to become the congregation that God is calling you to be in your next season of ministry.

* Once you purchase the assessment you will be provided a personalized link for you to send to your covenant partners. This link will generate a report specific to your congregation.
* Your generated report will be under the account name that the assessment is created on. If you would like the report to have your church name, we recommend that you make a new Flourish Movement account under your church name.