Mission of Flourish:

Our mission is to help all churches and leaders flourish and to make strong disciples of Jesus Christ through offering in-depth support services, coaching, resources, and training.

Many people realize challenges within their current ministries, whether it is strengthening discipleship, getting members out on mission, or leading church revitalization efforts. But they don’t know how to address those challenges. Through our tool kits of resources, we craft customized solutions to address specific needs in your church and build flourishing communities of Christ. 

About Flourish:

Flourish was developed from our desire to equip all congregations and church leaders to re-engage, revitalize, and grow their ministries.

We've partnered with others to provide training and resources for both churches and individuals. The majority of our materials are widely applicable and offered to congregations and leaders regardless of denominational affiliation. Our trainings are designed around fundamental principles experienced within all churches and are designed to leave attendees more engaged and empowered to move their congregations in the right direction. 

Core Areas of Support:

Through Flourish, we will give you opportunities to develop and strengthen your church’s ministry in 3 distinct areas:

  • Assessments
  • Courses
  • Training

By offering a combination of virtual and in-person trainings, resources, and events, we help leaders identify needs in their communities and pair them with specific training opportunities to make powerful changes in their ministries.

Assessments allow individuals, leadership teams and entire churches to explore their areas of strength and determine where growth is needed to pursue a gospel-saturated life. These assessments have been developed in consultation with dozens of discipleship experts and a rigorous process to ensure statistical reliability and validity. The results allow the participants to develop a strategy for growth in the areas most needed for greater spiritual maturity.

We have developed online courses for both individuals or teams.These courses range from personal development to lay-leadership training to seminary-level education. We have designed these courses to be flexible and affordable to give your staff and leaders more opportunities to grow in the way that works best for their lifestyle, pace and schedule. There is something for everyone! 

Our trainings include tools, materials, and events that are created and developed in partnership with church leaders across the nation. The content is widely applicable and offered to congregations.

Core Areas of Support


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